Publications & resources

Review DPRC’s publications and other drowning prevention research resources listed lower on this page.

For fatal drowning reports, please consult the fatal drowning page; for non-fatal drowning reports, please consult the non-fatal drowning page.


The Link Between Medical Conditions and Fatal Drownings in Canada: a 10-year Cross-Sectional Analysis (2022)
Cody Dunne, Julia Sweet, Tessa Clemens

Exploring a Hidden Epidemic: Drowning Among Adults Aged 65 Years and Older (2021)
Tessa Clemens, Amy Peden, Richard Franklin

Public Response on Social Media to a Social Marketing Campaign for Influencing Attitudes Towards Boating Safety (2021)
Jennifer Smith, Tessa Clemens, Alison Macpherson, Ian Pike

Can Child Drowning be Eradicated? A Compelling Case for Continued Investment in Prevention (2020)
Amy Peden, Richard Franklin, Tessa Clemens



Studying Outcome Predictors of Drowning at the Scene: Why Do We Have So Few Answers? (2020)
William Koon, Tessa Clemens, Joost Bierens, Linda Quan

Increased Winter Drownings in Ice-covered Regions with Warmer Winters (2020)
Sapna Sharma, Kevin Belgrave, Simon Watson, Catherine O’Reilly, Ryan Batt, John Magnuson, Tessa Clemens, Blaize Denfeld, Giovanna Flaim, Laura Grinberga, Yukari Hori, Alo Laas, Lesley Knoll, Dietmar Straile, Noriko Takamura, Gesa A. Weyhenmeyer

Exploring the Burden of Fatal Drowning and Data Characteristics in Three High Income Countries: Australia, Canada, and New Zealand (2019)
Amy Peden, Richard Franklin, Tessa Clemens

A Population Based Study of Drowning in Canada (2016)
Tessa Clemens, Hala Tamim, Michael Rotondi, Alison Macpherson